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The Business

Quadrent offers tailored finance solutions for high volume technology assets, commoditised items, plant and equipment to Australasian public sector organisations and large corporates. We provide a range of specialised financial solutions to fund our client requirements with a key product being Operating leases.

An operating lease gives a cost effective, simple and efficient way of funding critical business assets that are required to be replaced at regular intervals without the hassle of many common financing methods.

Quadrent is one of NZ’s largest operating lease providers but is determined to never stand still in service of its clients. With the current changes in leasing standards under IFRS16, Quadrent is market leading in innovative funding and reporting solutions that fit with clients and their objectives.

Quadrents agility, ability to service its clients and innovation around financing enable a result that that makes financing a hassle-free process and a real value add by helping clients achieve their goals.

What we do

Operating Lease
Quadrent is a specialist provider of operating leases for all types of asset. Operating lease financing is simple, cost effective and gives flexibility around refreshing business requirements. It is particularly effective for assets that have high obsolescence and need replacing regularly.
Lease Management
Quadrent has specialised software for the management of leases for leasees. This includes a full suite of reporting and notifications to ensure that the business can actively manage their own leases.
Finance Lease
Quadrent can provide finance leases for all types of assets. Finance lease financing is simple and relatively cost effective but does not give the flexibility around refresh of business equipment. It is particularly useful for assets within the business that the business wishes to retain for a longer term.
Asset Management
Quadrent has specialised software for the management of assets within all types leases from equipment to fleet and propery. This includes a full suite of reporting and notifications and the ability to automate cross charging and client management.
Structured Finance
Quadrent is a specialist provider of a range of hybrid financing options to suit business requirements. This can apply to structured deals over medium and short terms and also to achieve certain balance sheet objectives without the hassle of complex bank reporting and covenants.
IFRS16 Readiness
Quadrent has specialised software for the upcoming transition to IFRS16. This will enable full forecasting of the future financial position and ongoing GL abilities. Quadrent also has market leading innovation and knowledge around leasing products under IFRS16.

How we do it

At Quadrent we strive to deliver innovative equipment finance solutions in ways which demonstrate the four key cornerstones underpinning the Quadrent name.



Quality is the result achieved by combining our rental products with personality, commitment and knowledge. Quadrent people are passionate about quality because it’s about value over the long term.



No matter what people say, “business is personal”. After all, people make the difference - our people are not only knowledgeable and committed to outcomes but also approachable and easy to deal with.



Knowing and doing are very different things. Our commitment to “doing what we say we will” consistently over time breeds loyalty and a name that can be trusted.



Strong customer relationships are based on a uniqueness of understanding. We see it as our business to know how to help our customers better than anyone else and use our experience to their advantage.


Join Us Outside The Box - Meet Lois

LOIS is a leading innovation in lease portfolio management. Developed by our experienced leasing partners Innervision, it offers numerous functions and reporting tools to help you manage leases and assets from inception to expiration. In addition LOIS will do all aspects of the upcoming accounting changes in leasing standards from the collation of data to the forecasting and impact on a business balance sheet.

Find out more about LOIS

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Tony Getley

Tony Getley

Managing Director

Tony, qualified in Law from Auckland University, has a career background in structured finance and has spent the last 20 years specialising in the origination and structuring of operating lease transactions. Before this, he held senior roles in a number of commercial and merchant banks in NZ. Tony is a founder of the business and one of three shareholders with long standing business partner Martyn Masterson.

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Martyn Masterson

Martyn Masterson

Business Development Director

Martyn is responsible for strategic relationships and customer acquisition across Australia and NZ. Martyn is an accountant with 10 years’ experience in corporate finance with Deloitte and Fletchers and 15 years in equipment leasing. Martyn is a founder of the business, establishing Quadrent in 2002 and one of its three shareholders.

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Stefan Iggo

Stefan Iggo

Chief Financial Officer

Prior to joining Quadrent in 2015, Stefan worked for Bluescope Steel in NZ working on M&A and the NZ Steel business. Previously he spent ten years in the UK in various senior finance roles across logistics, online tech, and investment banking sectors. Stefan started his career as a chartered accountant in Auckland.

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Damon Kennedy

Damon Kennedy

Business Development Executive

Prior to joining Quadrent in 2007 he worked in structured finance for Societe Generale and has ten years’ experience in operating leases. Damon is responsible for supporting our key banking relationships in Australia and the growth of the Australian business.

Contact Damon Kennedy

Gavin Reid

Gavin Reid

Business Development Executive

Gavin has 20 years’ experience in the equipment finance and asset management industry. Gavin works with Quadrent’s key Corporate customers in the Construction, Professional Services, Viticulture and Education sectors.

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Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson

Business Development Executive

Matt is responsible for key Corporate customer relationships and strategy within Quadrent’s Telecommunications and Media sectors. Matt has 18 years’ experience in IT&T equipment finance.

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Oscar Allen

Oscar Allen

Business Development Executive

Oscar is responsible for supporting our key customer relationships and of the growth of the New Zealand business in its target Corporate and Government sector, across all industries. Prior to joining Quadrent in 2007, Oscar held both technical and management roles with offshore petroleum exploration, utilities software development and telecommunications companies.

Contact Oscar Allen

Johan Lee

Johan Lee

Finance Manager

Johan is our finance manager with 10 years' experience in both the public and private sectors. He has a broad knowledge of a wide range of financial practices, including financial modelling, budgeting, and forecasting.

Contact Johan Lee

Johan Lee

Danielle Prendergast

LOIS Onboarding Manager

Danielle has a banking background in business intelligence and executive/ investor reporting. Danielle runs the LOIS onboarding team.

Contact Danielle Prendergast


Thelma Welgemoed

LOIS Senior Consultant

With over 20 years in the accounting profession, Thelma adds to the LOIS team her extensive expertise and knowledge particularly in the areas of IFRS 16 transition and implementation.

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Nora Brophy

Nora Brophy

Sales Support

Nora has 5 years of administration experience across multiple industries and is responsible for contract management and client liaison within Quadrent

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Paula Marcis

Paula Marcis

Business Analyst

Paula has a background in financial accounting and sales reporting, with strong experience in the financial services industry that compliments her Business analysis focus for the Quadrent and LOIS business

Contact Paula Marcis

Nora Brophy

Amber Desai

Finance Analyst

Amber has been in varied finance roles, working in the Transport, Media and Events before joining Quadrent as the Assistant accountant.

Contact Amber Desai

General Manager, Fridge Hire

Jason is the General Manager of Fridgehire a subsidiary of Quadrent, and has an award winning background in sales, marketing and more recently advertising primarily with FMCG. Jason is redefining the food and beverage market focused on our clients with an innovative and commercial approach.

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